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متاح عبر الإنترنت

Strategic Business Plans

Development & Partnerships خطط الأعمال الاستراتیجیة و التنمیة والشراكة

  • 1 ساع 30 دقائق
  • 7500-15000
  • settled upon agreement

وصف الخدمة

12-15 sessions (1.5 hours for 3 months) In case you haven't noticed but as a startup, usually you face a lot of challenges including how to start and where? who are the suppliers? how to get things done? how to find the right calibers to hire? creating your own brand, creating your startup's policies and protocol..etc Here we can help you by offering I wide range of business services starting from business proposal/ market research all the way to implementing one on one business collaborations between two different company making them both gain benefits from each other without high cost/ Risk. Price and time schedules ranges according to service, size and state of the company. Noting that a package consists of 35 hours of consultation/ implementations through a time interval (max of 3 months) Pay Here:

سياسة الإلغاء

For cancellations, please contact us before 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

تفاصيل جهة الاتصال

+20 1012167161

Platz, First New Cairo, Egypt

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