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متاح عبر الإنترنت

Cost Control Management

Cutting unessential costs (الإدارة الأمثل للتكالیف)

  • 1 ساع 30 دقائق
  • 6000-12000 EGP
  • settled upon agreement

وصف الخدمة

12-15 sessions (1.5 hours for 3 months) Everyone is usually trying to get the best quality with the lowest cost, however, some of us may miscalculate or underestimate the importance of some business requirements/tools to avoid the high initial cost. And some of us may not even know where to start? or what is finance in the first place? Here is our area of speciality where we recommend for you which business tools are essential and which ones that you can postpone till convenience. In addition to providing you with a complete cycle of accounting forms for eaiser and accurate financial tracing. Finalizing with cost reduction/ cutting cost, Where cutting cost doesn't mean you will not have this service/ product but instead how to purchase this service/ product with the lowest cost through business collaborations as previously mentioned. price ranges according service requirements. Noting that a package consists of 30 hours of consultation/ implementations through a time interval (max of 3 months) Pay Here:

سياسة الإلغاء

For cancellations, please contact us before 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

تفاصيل جهة الاتصال

+20 1012167161

Platz, First New Cairo, Egypt

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