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Operating Team

Soha El Baklawy

I have always been passionate about empowering others and seeing them succeed.

Yet Empowering Women has been far more rewarding, seeing how Financial independency and career development not only improved their wellbeing but changed their whole lives and surrounding.

Founder & CEO

Basma Ahmed
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Web Designer

Maram Ashraf
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I’m working here because I feel happy when I see women happy and are able to work and grow in things they love.

Social Media Manager/Outreach

Yara Ayman
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Ever since day one I met Soha, I believed in her and her dreams so much. That's why I'm with her all the way and walked through following her footsteps one by one. Together forever. Love businessita.

Brand Identity Graphic Designer

Israa Salah

"MARKETING is my lifestyle and since Social Media And Digital Marketing is the new era, it is my path now."

Social Media Moderator 

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